We work across a diverse range of sectors, both public and private. Below are just a few examples of sectors that we are particularly active in.

  • NHS

    Optima are one of the largest independent providers of Occupational Health and Wellbeing services to the NHS, delivering robust and efficient solutions to Mental Health Trusts, Community Health Services, Commissioning Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities.

    As specialists in the sector, we have helped our clients improve the health and wellbeing of their employees and make significant cost savings in the process. For example, one Trust reduced its Occupational Health operating costs by 20% without redundancy in the space of just eight months, whilst another experienced a 40% reduction in operating costs within one year.

    Other success stories include the integration of three large Trust contracts into a single delivery model in less than four months and a massive 20% reduction in absence rates across a further seven Trusts in a 12-month period.

  • Utilities

    Optima have successful, long-standing relationships with a large number of utilities companies across the UK. We provide the core, industry-specific Occupational Health services to ensure statutory compliance, as well as wider health and wellbeing programmes to target the health concerns of this specific employee population.

    Our health promotion work with a major utilities firm led to a substantial decrease in employee absenteeism and also helped to exceed return on investment predictions. The client’s Health and Wellbeing team consequently received the BITC (Business in the Community) Responsible Business Award, and now takes a lead role on the BITC Forum on matters relating to employee health and wellbeing.

    The broad range of utilities companies that we provide Occupational Health and Wellbeing services to is testament to our expertise in the sector. Our clients include gas, electricity, water and sewage firms.

  • Construction

    Accredited to the Constructing Better Health standard, which exists to improve the health of workers in the construction industry, Optima deliver Occupational Health and Wellbeing services to construction companies of all sizes.

    Our in-depth understanding of the challenges of working in safety-critical environments, as well as running dispersed operations, makes us the provider of choice for both large multinationals and small and medium-sized operators.

    For one of our larger construction clients, we successfully carried out more than 1,000 health assessments in the space of just 12 months, attending all 37 of their sites across the UK on time as planned.

  • Automotive

    Optima deliver high-quality Occupational Health and Wellbeing solutions for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, where employee absenteeism can have a detrimental impact on production. We manage our services in line with 24/7 shift patterns, factory shut downs and specific cover requirements.

    Working in partnership with one of our automotive clients, we helped them achieve a significant absence reduction. The majority of their employees are referred whilst at work, meaning downtime is kept to a minimum. Our round-the-clock medical centre and physio service helps to facilitate a quicker return to work.

    Our experience in the industry is unrivalled. It spans a range of car production facilities across the UK including body and paint shops, injection moulding, track working, chassis and engine environments, as well as advising the corporate and design functions.