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Work-Life Balance

5th October 2018
Most people’s summer holidays will be rapidly fading into the distance by now. But, with National Work Life Week being this week, research has highlighted how failing to get away from work can lead to an early death, even if you otherwise . . .
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Ageing Workforce

19th September 2018
Almost half of people believe they will be fit and healthy enough to remain in work until 70, research has suggested. With National Fitness Day looming later this month, it is imperative that employers therefore communicate “use it or lose it” . . .
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Working Carers

12th September 2018
The government is considering the case for giving carers five days of paid statutory leave. With World Alzheimer’s Day taking place later this month, this move highlights the growing importance of carers in the workplace, and how employers can better help . . .
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Blood Pressure

6th September 2018
Blood Pressure Testing Week is a great moment to encourage employees to engage with occupational health to get their health checked out and to ensure they are not at risk of falling foul of “the silent killer”. Employee health and wellbeing . . .
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Migraine and Headaches

29th August 2018
Next week is Migraine Awareness Week, and so could be a timely moment to re-evaluate the support you offer to employees suffering from this potentially debilitating health condition, and how better to help managers trying to offer employee support. Employee health . . .
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Mental and Physical Ill-health

22nd August 2018
It stands to reason that if you’re ill with something physical, especially if it’s long term, it may have a knock-on effect to your mental health and wellbeing. But employers are sometimes too hasty to compartmentalise “health” into one or the . . .
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Sleep and safety-critical work

17th August 2018
Sleeping fewer than six hours a night can impair your ability to perform simple tasks, regardless of whether or not you feel rested, a study has argued. The idea that we can fool ourselves into thinking we have had enough sleep . . .
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Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

8th August 2018
Business in the Community and Public Health England have published a toolkit to help employers support their staff to make healthier choices around alcohol, drugs and tobacco use. It’s a useful workplace health resource, but it is also important to be . . .
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Women’s Health – Menopause

1st August 2018
For most women in their forties and fifties, the menopause will at some point be an unpleasant fact of life. But just because it is “normal” doesn’t mean employers shouldn’t provide education, help and workplace health support for women coping with . . .
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Summer Digital Detox – Physical Health

25th July 2018
Younger workers especially are at risk of posture and musculoskeletal issues because of too much use of smartphones and digital devices, research has suggested. But these are health and wellbeing lessons we can all learn, at any age. Employee health and . . .
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