Optima Health is the leading provider of dedicated onsite Occupational Health and Wellbeing services within the United Kingdom.

Our on-site services provide an excellent return on investment: they combine the advantages of an outsourced service (such as specialist expertise, service resilience, innovation and cost savings) alongside the benefits that arise from an in-house service (such as cultural familiarity, ease of access and highly tailored processes).

If you are implementing an on-site service for the first time, our experts will assist you in the design and build of local onsite clinic, treatment & health centres. We will provide state of the art clinic equipment and embed our leading edge IT system into the operation. We are also able to transition existing centres and onsite operations into the heart of our business and ensure they are/become fully compliant with the latest industry best-practise.

Our highly competent clinical and administrative teams will be based onsite whilst being centrally supported by the wider Optima Health business group and our systems, thereby ensuring the very highest quality output is maintained.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss your individual requirements and to see how we might support your organisation in reducing sickness absence, satisfying fitness standards and enhancing employee wellbeing.