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Musculoskeletal Services

Identify, resolve and prevent a main cause of workplace absence.

Musculoskeletal health is known to be one of the biggest issues in the workplace. We can help you reduce risk, manage issues effectively if they arise and meet your regulatory requirements. Our contemporary services include everything from specialist work-station assessments to on-site physiotherapists; remote issue management to functional capacity assessments; rehabilitation programmes to job-related fitness testing.


Remote management
We achieve this by ensuring individuals receive the most relevant treatment programme, through speed of management, by deploying the latest technologies and with the support of high-quality practitioners

Key features of this service include:

  • digital evaluation of conditions to ensure evidence-based direction to the most appropriate care in each case,
  • use of the latest on-line self-management programmes,
  • tele-health consultations with physiotherapists,
  • specialist case management where appropriate, and
  • real-time referrals to a national network of credentialed physiotherapists.

On-site workstation and ergonomic assessments
Specially trained practitioners are available to visit the clients’ workplaces, throughout the UK. They provide workstation assessments, and ergonomic-related reports.

On-site physiotherapists
Our physiotherapists can work at clients’ premises, on a sessional or full time basis. They provide a full range of on-site musculoskeletal health management services.