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Mental Health Awareness Week – Coping Strategies

17th May 2019
Today is Day 5 of Mental Health Awareness Week and our focus is on positive and negative coping strategies:  There are so many pressures we face in our lives and just the speed of life can feel like a pressure. Many . . .
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Stress Awareness Month

17th April 2019
The Stress Management Society’s “Stress Awareness Month” kicks off this month. Its messages are likely to be helpful to employers keen to manage their employee health and wellbeing better, but effective stress management and transparency needs to be about permanent cultural . . .
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Prostate Cancer

27th March 2019
Growing numbers of men are still only diagnosed with prostate cancer after it has spread elsewhere and chances of survival are much reduced, research has suggested. This, if nothing else, highlights the value of employers getting behind this month’s “March for . . .
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Festive Financial Stress

1st December 2018
The run-up to Christmas costs UK families at least an extra £800 on average, highlighting why this time of year can for some be a season of intense financial anxiety rather one of joy and merriment. But there is much employers . . .
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Ageing Workforce

19th September 2018
Almost half of people believe they will be fit and healthy enough to remain in work until 70, research has suggested. With National Fitness Day looming later this month, it is imperative that employers therefore communicate “use it or lose it” . . .
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Migraine and Headaches

29th August 2018
Next week is Migraine Awareness Week, and so could be a timely moment to re-evaluate the support you offer to employees suffering from this potentially debilitating health condition, and how better to help managers trying to offer employee support. Employee health . . .
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27th June 2018
One worker in six with diabetes feels they have been discriminated against at work because of their condition, research has suggested. With Diabetes Week taking place in June, it was a chance to highlight the important role employers, and occupational health, . . .
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Workplace Mental Health

10th May 2018
Excessive workloads, competing deadlines, the “tyranny” of your office-linked smartphone – perhaps it’s no wonder so many of us feel mentally burnt out. Use Mental Health Awareness Week this month to re-emphasise mental health work-life balance plus the value of support . . .
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