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Christmas Drinking

7th December 2018
As the Christmas office party season starts to ramp up, it makes sense for employers to take a long, hard look at their workplace drinking culture, the effect this may be having on health and wellbeing and inclusivity, and whether they’re . . .
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Stress Awareness

7th November 2018
To mark National Stress Awareness Day this week, employers are being asked to create a “Stress Awareness Space” in their organisation where staff can go to share their thoughts and feelings. Of course, employers that offer an Employee Assistance Programme as . . .
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Breast Cancer

18th October 2018
The number of women predicted to die from breast cancer each year is set to rise from 2022, a charity has warned. Our ageing population, rising levels of obesity and ignorance about what to look out for – and therefore delaying . . .
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World Mental Health Day

8th October 2018
This week sees World Mental Health Day (Weds 10th October), organised by the World Health Organization and designed to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world. But UK employers and occupational health practitioners still have a big job to . . .
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Work-Life Balance

5th October 2018
Most people’s summer holidays will be rapidly fading into the distance by now. But, with National Work Life Week being this week, research has highlighted how failing to get away from work can lead to an early death, even if you otherwise . . .
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Migraine and Headaches

29th August 2018
Next week is Migraine Awareness Week, and so could be a timely moment to re-evaluate the support you offer to employees suffering from this potentially debilitating health condition, and how better to help managers trying to offer employee support. Employee health . . .
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Mental and Physical Ill-health

22nd August 2018
It stands to reason that if you’re ill with something physical, especially if it’s long term, it may have a knock-on effect to your mental health and wellbeing. But employers are sometimes too hasty to compartmentalise “health” into one or the . . .
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Sleep and safety-critical work

17th August 2018
Sleeping fewer than six hours a night can impair your ability to perform simple tasks, regardless of whether or not you feel rested, a study has argued. The idea that we can fool ourselves into thinking we have had enough sleep . . .
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Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

8th August 2018
Business in the Community and Public Health England have published a toolkit to help employers support their staff to make healthier choices around alcohol, drugs and tobacco use. It’s a useful workplace health resource, but it is also important to be . . .
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Summer Digital Detox – Physical Health

25th July 2018
Younger workers especially are at risk of posture and musculoskeletal issues because of too much use of smartphones and digital devices, research has suggested. But these are health and wellbeing lessons we can all learn, at any age. Employee health and . . .
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