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13th February 2019
Virtually all of us – between eight out of 10 and nine out of 10 if recent research is anything to go by – admit to dragging ourselves into work when unwell. The conventional occupational health wisdom is that such “presenteeism” . . .
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Respiratory Disease

29th November 2018
A government report has warned of the damage being done to our cardiovascular systems by air pollution while, separately, UK health professionals are calling for the biggest shake-up in air quality legislation in 60 years. The fact this month is Chronic . . .
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Workplace Bullying

12th November 2018
It’s Anti-Bullying Week this week and, with a growing body of evidence suggesting that bullying in childhood can stay with people throughout their adult lives, employers should be using the opportunity to reflect on the support they offer (positively) to victims . . .
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26th October 2018
This month is “Stoptober”, and Optima Health have been supporting workforces with the annual NHS campaign designed to encourage smokers to quit. The number of smokers in the UK is continuing to fall, according to official figures, nevertheless they, and “vapers”, . . .
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Men’s Mental Health

24th October 2018
By Dr Lucy Wright, Optima Health’s Chief Medical Officer I was thinking the other day about mental health issues in the workplace. They make up the majority of the cases that I see in clinics these days. Unwell and unhappy people . . .
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Ageing Workforce

19th September 2018
Almost half of people believe they will be fit and healthy enough to remain in work until 70, research has suggested. With National Fitness Day looming later this month, it is imperative that employers therefore communicate “use it or lose it” . . .
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Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking

8th August 2018
Business in the Community and Public Health England have published a toolkit to help employers support their staff to make healthier choices around alcohol, drugs and tobacco use. It’s a useful workplace health resource, but it is also important to be . . .
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Women’s Health – Menopause

1st August 2018
For most women in their forties and fifties, the menopause will at some point be an unpleasant fact of life. But just because it is “normal” doesn’t mean employers shouldn’t provide education, help and workplace health support for women coping with . . .
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27th June 2018
One worker in six with diabetes feels they have been discriminated against at work because of their condition, research has suggested. With Diabetes Week taking place in June, it was a chance to highlight the important role employers, and occupational health, . . .
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Breathe Easy Week

20th June 2018
It is the British Lung Foundation’s Breathe Easy Week this week. This is a great opportunity to kick-start conversations around the health and wellbeing risks associated with air pollution, workplace health risks, and the occupational health value of offering regular lung . . .
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