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Love Your Lungs Week

12th June 2019
Occupational cancer is estimated to cause as many as 742,000 deaths worldwide each year, with exposure to dusty environments – silica and flour dust and asbestos particularly – especially to blame. With concern also growing around the carcinogenic effects of air . . .
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Optima Health to welcome new CMO

24th May 2019
We’d like to take this opportunity to update you on an important change in our senior clinical leadership at Optima Health. We are delighted to have attracted Chief Medical Officer Dr Rikard Moen and look forward to welcoming him to the . . .
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Mental Health Awareness Week – Coping Strategies

17th May 2019
Today is Day 5 of Mental Health Awareness Week and our focus is on positive and negative coping strategies:  There are so many pressures we face in our lives and just the speed of life can feel like a pressure. Many . . .
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World Asthma Day 2019

7th May 2019
Tuesday 07 May is World Asthma Day. It is an opportunity for employers to re-evaluate how they are supporting and managing employee health and wellbeing, especially whether their working environment is putting employees at risk of both occupational asthma and occupational . . .
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World Autism Week

3rd April 2019
This week (April 1-7) is World Autism Week. It is an opportunity for employers to look at how they are supporting neuro-diversity in their workplaces, both from an occupational and employee health and wellbeing perspective but also in terms of sympathetic . . .
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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

20th March 2019
This month (March) is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, run by the charity Target Ovarian Cancer. As well as getting employees involved in engaging fundraising activities, this is an opportunity for employers to work to raise awareness and understanding of this potentially . . .
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13th February 2019
Virtually all of us – between eight out of 10 and nine out of 10 if recent research is anything to go by – admit to dragging ourselves into work when unwell. The conventional occupational health wisdom is that such “presenteeism” . . .
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Respiratory Disease

29th November 2018
A government report has warned of the damage being done to our cardiovascular systems by air pollution while, separately, UK health professionals are calling for the biggest shake-up in air quality legislation in 60 years. The fact this month is Chronic . . .
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Workplace Bullying

12th November 2018
It’s Anti-Bullying Week this week and, with a growing body of evidence suggesting that bullying in childhood can stay with people throughout their adult lives, employers should be using the opportunity to reflect on the support they offer (positively) to victims . . .
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26th October 2018
This month is “Stoptober”, and Optima Health have been supporting workforces with the annual NHS campaign designed to encourage smokers to quit. The number of smokers in the UK is continuing to fall, according to official figures, nevertheless they, and “vapers”, . . .
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